Alba and her princess crown

Alba and her princess crown


Our own little miss is now 14 months old and pretty darn funny.
I love that my job allows me to spend most of my days with her, watching her play and learn!

Here's a few shots from a lazy arvo at home.
It was the first time she'd actually keep her awesome "Alba" princess crown on her head,
so that needed to be documented! Plus I wanted to show a bit of her cheeky personality!

One of the current favourite activities is nicknamed "crash"... it consists of running,
flopping into our giant beanbag, then rolling around and giggling like a little gurt. It's pretty cute...

Also, how cool is the personalised princess crown that her Aunty and Uncle got her for her first birthday!
A great photo prop!

Phones are also popular...crazy how fast they pick up your habits! "Helllo?"

I swear she didn't pick this up from me though!

And we finish off (most afternoons) with a bit of reading.
Watching Alba talk to herself about her books is pretty precious!