Amy & Paddy’s Wedding

Amy & Paddy’s Wedding


Well...Where to start?

Amy is a high school friend. One of my best. A lovely (like REALLY) lady who I get to call friend.
Paddy is her equal in every way. A genuine gentleman. They fit together perfectly.

I was thrilled to capture their wedding last weekend, while enjoying the festivities myself.
I hid my face behind my camera as they said their vows and became husband and wife,
which was extremely convenient as it was a proper tear jerker.
Then I got to play with these two stunners and their closest friends, in some LUSH Autumn sun.

Overall it was a day of huge smiles, mischievous behavior and some ridiculously cute guests.
Especially the babies!

Amy and Paddy, it meant so much to me that I could do this for you. Thank you! x