Anna & Alun’s Melton Estate Wedding

Anna & Alun’s Melton Estate Wedding


Anna and Alun held their gorgeous wedding last Friday at the beautiful Melton Estate
(and no, Friday the 13th was NOT an unlucky day!).

Having met Sydney-sider's Anna and Alun only 3 times I was stoked to find how relaxed they were around
me and my big black clicker machine.
The whole day had a relaxed vibe. From the morning while the team's got ready across the road from each other at Clearwater, right up until the moment rings were slipped on in front of their closest family and friends later in the day,
there was no stress, no rushing, just smiles and lots and lots of prettiness....
It was a total joy to be part of this day with such loving and warm people.

Anna and Alun, CONGRATS to you both on a wonderful day and the start of a no doubt wonderful marriage.
The way you two looked at each other during your ceremony was so heart warming - and you say you're not into P.D.A! ;)

Enjoy your blog - can't wait to get into editing the rest for you!

Kell x