Anna + Patrick, married at French Farm

Anna + Patrick, married at French Farm


I think every photographer loves shooting in Akaroa. Even on a wet, wild and windy day it's still the most stunning place.
Anna and Patrick definitely got a wet, wild and windy one for their wedding last weekend... But these two brought their own light and warmth to their day!

Together Anna and Patrick put on a stunning event in celebration of their marriage. French Farm was an Autumn wonderland with some of the most stunning pinky/red/generally yummy leaves happening out in the courtyard (where Anna and Patrick were SUPPOSED to make their vows ;)). An indoor ceremony certainly didn't dull any spirits, and the hugs, kisses and tears that happened afterwards were testament to that.

Then it was off to the waterfront in Akaroa for some photos with the bridal party...before the happy couple settled in for a night in front of French Farm's roaring fire with their loved ones.

Anna and Patrick, thanks so much for having me with you on your big day. Hope your honeymoon weather is playing the game and looking forward to catch up when your photos are finished! Xx

It has to be noted here that this is Anna belting out the key lyrics to the song that had just come on..."It's like RAAAAAIIIIN, on your wedding day!"

Alanis Morisette, ironic. Always a classic!