Hayley and Andrew’s lush Ashburton Wedding!

Hayley and Andrew’s lush Ashburton Wedding!


On the 1st of November we scored one heeeeck of a day. Beautiful blue skies, balmy temperatures - and one lovely
couple all set to tie the knot in Ashburton!

Hayley and Andrew held their nuptials at the beautiful Coniston Gardens. I was like a spoilt child, with beautiful people, moments and scenery to photograph. These two and their families and friends are the kind of heart warming people that you feel good for just being around! And it was extra cool to visit Andrew's family farm, which just so happens to back onto an epic cliff-side beach...errrm, awesome!

I hope you all love this wee collection of shots from this super special day. And Hayley and Andrew, I hope you are
having a fantastic honeymoon - I can't wait to catch up in a few weeks and find out how the rest of your night went!

Kell x

Can I just say here- Man I love this look of total adoration! So cute!