River fun with little ones

River fun with little ones


This post is three fold in purpose:
1) I wanted to show off how ridiculiously cool my wee girl Alba, and her best buddy Layla are.
2) I wanted to illustrate (literally) my absolute-all time-nevergoingtochange-favourite way to photograph kids.
3) I haven't blogged in something like three months and it was itching like mad!

But back to reason two - sometimes shoving kids into a strange area with some weeeeird lady and her camera (me) can make them feel a bit anxious. Which results in either a tantrum of epic proportions (Alba has been teaching me about those lately), really stiff uncomfortable faces from the poor wee human, or just pain old boring photos that really don't capture who this kid REALLY is.  And we don't want any of that do we!

So I say explore - turn your portrait shoot into a chance to play, get dirty and have some good old fashion fun. Kick a ball around, fly a kite, do whatever brings your kids happiness. Sure we can pop them in a pretty spot along the way and see if they'll sit still for a couple of more "posed" shots. But to me there is nothing better than capturing you kids at play. The facial expressions of joy are priceless and I bet they will turn out to be the photos that you really truly treasure. Capture your kids spirit, they have so much of it to give!

Anyway, here's a few shots of my wee girl and her best friend Layla, exploring at Selwyn River yesterday. One of my favourite places and the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon skipping (or just splashing in my case) stones!

Kelly x