Sophie and Craig’s gorgeous garden wedding

Sophie and Craig’s gorgeous garden wedding


Craig and Soph held their beautiful garden wedding last weekend. It was a day filled to the brim with amazing people.
Warm, caring and wickedly funny people, who Sophie and Craig call family.

Sophie and Craig themselves are loving parents to a beautiful wee girl Mila (who as you'll see is rather photogenic).
They are amazing parents who seem to have that relationship balance just right.
Listening to their vows and overall ceremony gave me a bit more insight into these two, and the loving relationship they have built together - which it made doing their photo's all the more special. I hope they serve as a great record of a very special
day with all their loved ones around them!

What else can I say that the photos don't? Nothing really! So scroll away, and enjoy :)


  1. Melinda Newport

    congratulations, your bride looked beautiful. I hope you all had a fantastic day :) may you have a very special and long life together lots of love Logan’s NCM (Nut case mum) lol <3

  2. Kell! absolutely amazing!! Love everything single thing about this! … Massive congrats to the happy couple!!

  3. Diana

    We were very disappointed not to be able to travel from Australia to celebrate Craig and Sophie’s wedding with them, but this is a wonderful way to enjoy something of their day… every one looks very happy !! Congratulations Craig and Sophie.