I’m a Canterbury-based photographer of many things!

People at home, people at work…nature, families. If it’s worth telling a story about, I’m interested.

This text is where I used to explain to you how photography has always been an all-consuming driver in my life. I spent a lot of energy trying to summarise that into a bio then I realised I sounded like a self-important tool and gave up, hah.

Anyway, this isn’t about me but rather, what I can offer you. I’ve spent over a decade in the photography industry, growing and developing my skills and using those, I’m able to provide my clients with images that are more than just some (more) visual noise on the internet.

I’m passionate about working with businesses to help them best portray their representatives and brand ethos. Because we’d all rather support real people doing real work right??

In terms of the portrait side of my business, my aim here is to give you images that will become like family jewels, passed down so your people and this time can be remembered in vivid detail. To do that I need to capture the real moment, the real touch and the real smile so that’s what I’m always looking for.

If any of that sounds like a bit of you, let’s chat!

A short bio for anyone super curious; I’m into nature, relationships and art,
I’m a mother a wife, a dog enthusiast and a wannabe hiker.

Oh and like most people on this planet, I don’t know what to do with my hands
when someone points a camera at me.