My blogging has well and truly slipped this season and man have I missed creating these wee visual stories for you guys! So I have a new strategy…in the week following a wedding I create a preview gallery for my clients, a mini story of their day to tide them over until their full collection is done. SO – to keep my site looking pruuutty I’m going to start sharing (with permission) these with you fine folks too!! Winning at life!

On Saturday I headed up to the luscious Tipapa Woolshed to the wedding of the bubbly and wonderful Sarah and Will.
From the get go it was obvious how much fun these two are and how much I was going to enjoy this day. Obviously they are babes but more than that the way they interact is truly joyful. First shot of the engagement shoot way back last year, they looked at each other and cracked up laughing. I knew from that moment that I was set and they we’re my kinda people! You’ll see what I mean…

Oh and that SUN. The sun turned up after a week of downpours, looking fab. I had to restrain myself from putting sun flares through every shot. What a brilliant day. Scroll on my good people!

Venue: The Woolshed at Tipapa
Hair: Kelly Sheppard Hairstylist
MUA: Alicia Marie
Celebrant: The WONDERFUL Jane Godfrey