Oh my goodness Jay and Nicola are adorable. Which they probably won’t love me saying as they aren’t a mushy, lovey-dovey couple…BUT that’s kinda what makes them so bloody cute. They obviously adore each other but are totally cool calm and collected about it. They walk side by side in life and have each others back all the way, Can I get a “couple goals”?!

Anyyyway, Jay and Nicola had a no fuss, 100% perfect wedding back in March which I was lucky enough to be asked to cover.ย Shooting another photographers wedding is such a honor (read; completely freaking nerve wracking) so when Jay who runsย Freeride New Zealandย (amazing content of guys on bikes doing cool stuff which makes me nervous) asked me to do this I internally went “GAH” ย but externally went “hell yes.” Obviously these guys are babes and they are also hilarious so this was the easiest day of work I’ve ever done. Scroll on to see the fun times for yourself!