I find it quite ironic that I’m writing a blog post with the word “style” in its title while I sit at my desk in a dressing gown with the world’s worst Mum Bun, that’s been in since 3pm yesterday. The joys of working from home eh??
Luckily I’m not talking about personal appearance style…I’m more of a comfort and function girl. In this case I’m talking about my photographic style.

Every photographer shoots at least a little bit differently. Give ten of us the same couple and the same light and you’re probably going to get something a bit different from each “tog”. Which is my favourite not-yet-trending slang for photographer.
We’re all trying to achieve a slightly different look from that scene you put us in front of…a different feel and a different emotional response from the viewer. I think because we put different emotion into that moment ourselves based on who we are and what we value most in our own lives.

Too deep? Yeah maybe we just think one way of shooting looks better than another and we roll with that. But seriously it’s actually the first one for me 😉

Photographers talk about what their style is a fair bit – candid, authentic, natural etc, etc. But I’m going to go ahead to explain to you guys not what my “style” is but what I value in a photograph as I feel that’s a better way of communicating what I’ll be looking for in my couples and families photo sessions

I value real people having real moments.
I value love.
I value vibrancy.
I value emotion.
I value art.
I value the awesome landscapes we have around us.
I value depth in an image – layering is big. I love creating a scene with layers and keep my eye open for any natural occurring instances of this all day long.
I value in-between moments. The in-between moments can bring back lots years later. A shot of you walking down the stairs to go to your wedding can have you feeling all those feels again.
I value a bit of quirkiness (let’s not take ourselves toooo seriously).
And most importantly – I value timelessness (that’s a real word, I checked). I’m not into following trends as they are exactly what they say they are.

It’s so important when choosing your “tog” for ANYTHING that you make your choice based on the question – do they value what you value in a photograph?

This isn’t a “best of” blog but rather it’s a pretty random bunch of photos that I feel show you guys what I’m all about photographically. Let’s catch up for a coffee if you want to know me personally!
There’s a fair bit of personal stuff in there too. My family keep me inspired and I keep them well documented.