It’s ironic to me that I’ve been intending to blog this day for around six months and the day I finally get around to doing it is the first day of Delta level 2.

With covid about (hopefully on the way out but who knows eh), we face the possibility of more intimate events over this summer. I know so many couples will be worried about how their wedding plans will pan out but I do want to remind people that planning a smaller wedding is one way to reduce the stress of potential level and rule changes. Totally not ideal for everyone’s plans I know but I’m here to tell you that as someone with a bunch of experience in both big-bonanza weddings and weddings with smaller, more intimate guests lists, that both can be as special as each other. Maybe it’s my own introverted nature influencing that, or maybe it’s the vibe I pick up when I shoot intimate weddings but I personally love a small do. Everyone feels so relaxed, nerves seem reduced and you just don’t need to check your watch as many times! Glorious!

Anyway back to this blog and THIS epic wedding day.

Mel and Richard had a kick-ass wedding day, just them, their tribe of amazing kids and their parents hanging out and getting them all married up in the mountains. The location is affectionately known to their family as “Flockburn” and has been in Richards family for many a generation. They ice-skate on the pond in Winter and hold family games on the lawn in summer. Pretty special to now be able to say that Mel and Richard started their marriage there too. Also -HOW GOOD IS MEL’S DRESS. Heart eyes all day for that glitzy number!

I’ll leave you with the photos. If anyone wants to chat through a potential small wedding or elopement you know where to find me and my enthusiasm!

Thank you Mel and Richard for having me!! x