So this is where I used to have a really long spiel, trying to explain why I do what I do and how photography makes me feel deep down inside. But over the years I've realised I can’t adequately describe these things in a module of text on a website (and I sound like a bit of a tool when I try to). However, If we get the chance to meet in person feel free to ask me about it if you wish...there's a bit of a story! 

If you do want to know a little something about who I am right now, here’s the goss. I live in the Selwyn District of Canterbury with my Art Director husband, our two rather awesome children and a couple of pets. As a family we're really into our hiking and are happiest when out experiencing nature together. I balance my work with motherhood and get the best of both worlds - most days. Some days not so much! Hah! 

Photography is my thing and I've been obsessed with “capturing things” for a very long time. Emotions are my absolute favourite, which is why I love to photograph weddings, couples and family units. I get to give people beautiful images of the special moments in their lives and I still kick myself that I can do this for a living. 

I am a passionate, hardworking and creative person who would  love to talk more in hit me up!