Joanna & Richard + The Port Hills

Joanna and Richard go together like the Port Hills and Sunset – an ACTUAL match made in heaven. These two get married in February so we had a wee warm up photo session. Needless to say, it was awesome fun and they are an absolute pleasure to hang out with – […]

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Birdlings Flat Lifestyle Portraits

A day with daughter

Hey, folks! Long time no blog huh? It’s almost wedding season for me and I’m getting ridiculously excited to attend some special days with my camera. Today I decided to haul said camera along to an adventure with my daughter (secretly to get some new portraits of her!)…Birdlings Flat is a […]

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Winter Wedding

Melissa and James

  Melissa and James had a wonderful Winter Wedding on Saturday. The big day included life-sized cardboard family members, lantern lighting fun at the beach during sunset and a gender revealing wedding cake (it’s a girl!!!). They also supplied the best winter light I could ever have hoped for. Thanks […]

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James and Anneke

I always love it when a couple does their wedding day their way. Anneke and James did just that and they have really set the bar for all future “at-home, industrial-chic-with-a touch-of-old-school-class” weddings very high. They draped the warehouse in which they live with silks, flowers and fairy lights, brought […]

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Jay and Nicola

Oh my goodness Jay and Nicola are adorable. Which they probably won’t love me saying as they aren’t a mushy, lovey-dovey couple…BUT that’s kinda what makes them so bloody cute. They obviously adore each other but are totally cool calm and collected about it. They walk side by side in […]

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Will and Sarah

My blogging has well and truly slipped this season and man have I missed creating these wee visual stories for you guys! So I have a new strategy…in the week following a wedding I create a preview gallery for my clients, a mini story of their day to tide them […]

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