So this is where I used to have quite a long spiel in which I tried to explain why I do what I do and how photography came to be everything to me. But after 11 years of trying to nail that, I finally realised I can’t adequately do that in a segment of text on a website and I sound like a bit of an idiot when I try to. So to summarise quickly for anyone curious, I live for memories, I love my family, my dog, and mountains.

And anyway, when it comes down to it, this is about you, not me. It about what I can offer you after a lot of time in this industry growing and developing my ideas and skill set.

My “want” is to give my clients a set of images that capture so much more than a few “pretty photos for Instagram.” I don’t want to give you the same thing you see every time you have a good old social media scroll. I personally think it gets a little same-same eventually!

I want to give you a set of images that are essentially pieces of your history and capture something that means so much more than a posed smile, or a pretty veil in some golden light. Now I love those photos too – don’t get me wrong. But there’s more to this life than “pretty” and that’s what I’m truly passionate about capturing. So hit me up if you’re after a little more. It might be your intimate wedding day in the middle of nowhere. The more rugged the better. Or it might be a set of images of you and your children bonding over a morning hiking in the Canterbury foothills, or setting up for a picnic by a lake. Wild, imperfect and probably having the time of your lives. I truly believe that those will be the photos and scenarios that stand the test of time and become treasured keepsakes for your family.

If you’re after more. I’m here for more. Lets chat.

We are IN LOVE!!!
The photos are absolutely incredible.
We’ve got so so many favourites! You’ve totally captured the essence of the day, it was like going right back to the moment. Thank you so much.