and I’m a Canterbury-based photographer of many things.

This is where I used to try to explain why I love what I do and how photography came into and quickly took over my life. After around 11 years of trying to nail that, I finally realised I sound like a self-important idiot and gave up! However, to summarise a short bio for anyone curious, I live for visual memories, I’m a mother a wife and an avid hiker.

And anyway, when it comes down to it, this isn’t about me but rather what I can offer you. After a long time in this industry growing and developing my skill set, I’m able to provide my clients with images that are more than just a few pretty photos for Instagram. I really don’t want to give you the same thing you see every time you have a good old social media scroll. I personally think it gets a little same-same and I’m just not big on following trends.

What I do want to give you is a set of images that are essentially a snippet of your story. In terms of portraits and elopements, I want to give you photos that will become like family jewels, passed down so you and this time can be remembered, vividly. To do that I need to capture the real moment, the real touch and the real smile so that’s what I’m always looking for.

When it comes to the commercial side of my work, I’m passionate about working with businesses to help them best portray their brand ethos. Because brands need personality more than ever in today’s market.

If that sounds like a bit of you, let’s chat!

We are IN LOVE!!!
The photos are absolutely incredible.
We’ve got so so many favourites! You’ve totally captured the essence of the day, it was like going right back to the moment. Thank you so much.